I poured my first miniature cinder block in November of 2016. Initially intending to create a miniature house kit, I posted a few of these blocks for sale.

I quickly discovered the love other people had for these miniatures - almost by accident.

Today, we are a team of five, and have sold over 1 million blocks and bricks to thousands of satisfied customers around the world.  


We often find that most customers did not realize such a product even existed. Once they have our blocks in hand, they quickly realize that there is literally no better conversation starter or fidget toy on the office desk – they are a guaranteed success.

This is why we are so confident that you will love our products – the thousands of happy customers resonate this for us.

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Our goal is simple – make the most authentic miniature construction supplies possible at the most affordable price imaginable. Make exact replicas in both material and dimension.

We also pride ourselves in going out of our way to make sure our customers are satisfied, working tirelessly to keep dimensions as accurate as possible, prices at their lowest, and shipping free and fast.  






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Lead Craftsman


Production Assistant


Prototype/Design Expert

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